About us

Since February 2017, CLI collaborates with We love Kairouan (WLK), a youth civil society organisation in Kairouan, Tunisia, to strengthen civil engagement, local good governance and decentralisation of the democratic process in Kairouan. WLK supports local identity, culture and environmental awareness in the city and region of Kairouan. In a workshop for key members of the organisation, prepared jointly by WLK and CLI, capacity building and the sharpening of WLK’s mission and strategy for engagement was combined in CLI’s proven approach of integrated capacity building. In a tailored design, the Dialogic Change Model © was complemented by the Collective Leadership Compass © to address both organisational challenges on a strategic level, and develop next steps in the process of engaging more young people.

In fall 2017, a new vision of WLK as a more strategic actor in local good governance took form, and the project for a sustainable development of the Medina in Kairouan “Bab el Medina – Gates of the Medina” project was launched. It aims at setting up a multi-stakeholder dialogue platform with Kairouan’s key stakeholders in governance and development. The We love Kairouan team will facilitate this dialogue process applying the CLI methodologies. The objective is to collectively develop and implement actions to sustainably revitalize the Kairouan old city center, the medina, a UNESCO world cultural heritage site.

Current situation: As of October 2018, the We love Kairouan team conducted several Stakeholder Dialogue workshops with public administration and civil society representatives on concrete goals and actions for the sustainable development project for the Medina. Applying their training in the Dialogic Change Model © and the Collective Leadership Compass, the We love Kairouan team facilitated the conceptualization of a collective action plan: The Souk al Mouajel, a traditional district in the Medina that can trace its roots back to the 12th century and that is currently run down and dysfunctional, was chosen as the focus of the platform’s intervention. The members of the platform have drawn up a concrete plan for reviving the souk, with actions that interlink economic, social and ecological aspects, and that bridge tradition and modernity. In addition, the planning includes details on necessary resources and clear statements of commitment by the necessary stakeholders for its implementation.

Next steps: The platform will collaborate with architects in Kairouan to visualize the plans for the Souk and add technical details. At the same time, the pilot action ‘Houma up’ by the platform will illustrate and test some of the first ideas with a community action in one of the Medina’s streets.